Poured Concrete Walls and Foundations

Poured Concrete Walls & Foundations

The quality of your poured concrete walls and foundations is nothing to scoff at, and neither is selecting a concrete contractor in Sioux Falls who can check all the boxes of quality and value.

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Here are a few of the advantages of opting for high-quality poured concrete on your property:

Structural Integrity

Poured concrete is one of the strongest wall materials available in the Sioux Falls area today. Where concrete block construction involves stacking blocks and using concrete to seal the seams, poured concrete creates a single, joint-free wall that holds up to safety codes.

Poured concrete foundation walls have proven themselves to be stronger than block walls. The lateral strength of poured concrete is much better than that of cinder block, meaning it holds up to the pressure load of backfill and water.

The compression strength (or ability to bear a downward load) may be stronger in block foundation walls, but these walls are also prone to buckling and bowing which is nearly unheard of in a poured concrete foundation wall.

Fire and Water Resistance

Poured walls provide a water tight seal when compared to standard, hollow concrete blocks. Unlike block construction, poured concrete foundation walls are seamless, and therefore easier to waterproof. Water has no path of entry, because it must permeate solid concrete. As the mortar between cinder blocks ages, it becomes prone to shrinkage and cracking, which may result in water leaks.

The same applies to fire resistance. Poured concrete is has nearly twice the flame retardance than the block alternative. Poured concrete foundation walls can typically stand up to four hours of extreme fire pressure, and when they do burn, they do not produce toxic fumes or smoke.

More Design Options

Because poured concrete foundation walls involve filling molds with wet concrete, it offers builders far more design options than cinder block construction. For foundation walls, as well as above ground structures, there are numerous design options that homebuilders and property owners can choose from. Plus, they are quicker to build than block foundation walls, can be poured in a smooth or decorative finish, and adapt well to last minute changes.

Decreased Maintenance

Poured concrete foundation walls require practically no maintenance. Tree and plant roots can cause damage to block foundations, affecting stability and, if not properly addressed, can lead to the complete failure of the foundation. This makes poured concrete foundation walls a durable option which provides a great value for home buyers and builders alike.

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