Why Poured Concrete Foundation is Better than Block Foundation

Why Poured Concrete Foundation is Better than Block Foundation

Whether you’re thinking about building a new home or a commercial building and are currently in the planning stages, one of the first and most important things you can do is hire the best local concrete contractor. Ensuring your new concrete foundation is going to do the job it’s meant to do without any problems, is one of the first steps when building, making it essential to hire the best concrete foundation contractors to do the job. Because the foundation must fully support the structure of your new home, as well as protect your home from water and/or soil, a poured concrete foundation is stronger and thus recommended over using foundation blocks.

About Foundation Blocks
Prior to the 1970’s, most new houses were built using foundation blocks because they could hold more weight on top of the foundation than poured concrete. But because block foundations tend to bow or buckle over time, requiring repair, or possibly even a rebuild, many builders began to switch to poured concrete. A concrete foundation must be completely waterproof, and because block foundations require mortar, they’re much more likely to leak when compared to a poured concrete foundation. Block foundation labor also costs more than pouring concrete labor because it takes longer to install a cinder block foundation.

According to Portland Cement Association’s survey, 72% of new homes with full basements are built using poured concrete walls, while concrete block foundation walls are currently chosen by only 25% of the national market.

Why Concrete Foundation is Better
A poured concrete foundation is now preferred by both professional concrete foundation contractors and new home builders. When a poured concrete foundation is installed by those who specialize in providing expert concrete services, the result is a super strong concrete foundation that’s not only waterproof, but easy to repair if any concrete issues happen to arise in the future. Because poured walls are stronger and thus more durable than foundation blocks, they’re also better able to resist outside pressures, like water and soil, from causing any damage to the concrete foundation.

More Poured Concrete Benefits
Because poured concrete is so strong and durable, you don’t have to worry when it comes to structural integrity, one of the most important things to consider when building a new home. Other poured concrete foundation benefits include:

  • Poured concrete require less maintenance, a definite plus for choosing a concrete foundation.
  • There are design options available to you when choosing a poured concrete foundation, which can add uniqueness and more value to your new home.
  • Concrete foundations are sustainable, making poured concrete an environmentally-friendly option.

It’s simple. A poured concrete foundation is the preferred choice amongst today’s homebuilders. Contact us now for your no-obligation free consultation!

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